Become VIP to Enjoy Advanced Functions

VIP members have the right of using ALL the advanced functions.

Compare Easily see what’s changed between two drawings
Export To export drawings with comments.
Continuous measure a convenient measurement of several continuous line segments (including straight lines and arcs)
Extract texts extract texts accurately from the original drawing
Polygon area (with arc-edges) measure area of polygons made up by lines and arcs easily
Line draw a line freely or in ortho mode
Shape identification fast calculate number of graphics, greatly simplify quantity surveying
Convert drawing version convert and save the drawing in versions 2004 to 2013 at will
Partially export drawing the selected part from the original drawing can be saved as a new drawing
Extract table choose the target table, quickly obtain a new file of it or add it to an existing file
Arc measurement acquire arc length by One-Click measurement
Perpendicular distance get vertical distance easily, snap point automatically
Show drawing in grey highlight comment in complicated drawing to locate information quickly
Duplicate text copy and paste the entered text
Modify/move text read, modify, move or delete the entered text
Modify comment properties modify the color and scale of a single comment
External reference manager add another drawing through the external reference, such as a dwg or dxf one
Multiline text support up to 10 lines of text input